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Wildcat Barns has the lowest priced garages for 200+ miles.

Setup and anchoring is included with all our prices.

Our Garages are so tough that no special foundation is required. All you need is a fairly level spot large enough for the garage you choose.

It does not matter if you have grass, dirt, or gravel where you are planning for us to construct your garage. no special concrete slab is needed. Our garages are so tough that as long as it is somewhat level ground then you can Rent-to-Own or pay cash for one of our garages. If you choose to pour a concrete slab for the garage, then your slab needs to be one foot larger in length and width. The purpose of the one foot extra is so that our concrete anchors will not bust out the edges of your slab, and will be a more secure install.

WildcatBarns carries a large selection of garages, ideal for storing vehicles or large pieces of equipment.

How to Build Your Garage:

  1. Choose your Garage Size Below
  2. If you would like other options add them (Garage Doors, Man Doors, WIndows, Insulation, etc.)
  3. Choose your colors (Roof, Sides, Trim)
  4. Total everything and add your state tax.

How to figure Rent-to-Own

  1. No Credit check, No hassle, YOUR APPROVED, YOU WILL OWN THE GARAGE OF YOUR DREAMS. Follow the next steps to become a happy garage owner.
  2. The following is required to get your garage delivered and installed:
  3. 10% down of your total before tax plus your first months payment. Please call us and we will assist you with figuring your payment.

Building your garage STEP #1

Building your garage STEP #2

Building your garage STEP #3

Wildcat Barns’ garages are ideal for storage of large items, such as recreational vehicles or tractors. While some separate garages can be an eyesore, Wildcat Barns supplies our customers with good looking garages that only add to your backyard, not take away from it. Our garages come in a variety of sizes and can be used for a variety of applications, such as heavy duty storage to workshops to everyday storage. Our storage units are tough and will protect your stored items from all kinds of weather while keeping them out of sight and out of the way. Don’t wait another day. Contact Wildcat Barns today for more information.

Wildcat Barns offers high quality storage barns, sheds, playsets, and more for your backyard. You can pay cash or rent to own our storage barns, sheds, playsets, playsystems, carports, and garages. All our products are carefully built by hand to ensure safety and functionality. If you need garden shed, ATV storage, car port, playground, or playhouse to complete your backyard, stop by our outdoor showroom today in London KY. Our locally owned and operated store guarantees your satisfaction. We are conviniantly located on Hal Rogers Parkway in London, KY, at the intersection of Hwy 30 and the Hal Rogers parkway. Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm. We can be contacted by phone at (606)231-1204